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transport dolly in warehouse
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Transport Dolly with ISP-11 industrial stock picker
 diamond-plated floor on transport dolly
connect/disconnect system and safety coupler
connect/disconnect system and safety coupler

ISP Series Transport Dolly - New

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High-Capacity, Light-Weight Towable Cart 

Moving inventory and equipment is a tedious but necessary task in many workplaces, often consuming a large amount of time (and money). Fortunately, businesses can nearly double their load capacity per trip with the AEUP Transport Dolly™. 

This durable and lightweight cart has a 440 lb. tow capacity, making it possible to move more inventory in a shorter period. It is compact and easy to maneuver (or stow when not in use), making it a practical and efficient towing option for nearly any job site. 

The Transport Dolly is designed to withstand demanding work environments. Made from durable, top-quality materials such as high-grade steel and powder-coated paint, with a diamond-coated floor. 

Move Half A Ton In One Trip

The Transport Dolly was designed to be compatible with the AEUP ISP-11 industrial stock picker.  Combined with the 734 lbs load capacity of the ISP-11, operators can carry a total of 1,174 lbs of merchandise or equipment in one go. 

  1. ISP-11 Powered Material Tray (198 lbs.)
  2. ISP-11 Transport Hood (249 lbs.)
  3. ISP-11 Operator Bay (287 lbs.)
  4. Transport Dolly (440 lbs.)

Transport Dolly Features:

  • Lightweight - 100 lbs (45 kg) 
  • Compact size - 46" (68.8" with tow bar) L30" W30” H
  • 8" ground clearance
  • 440 lb. load capacity (1,174 lbs when towed by the AEUP ISP-11)
  • Easy to maneuver, making it ideal for use in both small and large workspaces
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Quick connect/disconnect system
  • Safety coupler for easy and safe use 


    6-month warranty on Transport Dolly parts.

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