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10 Uses for the Racksack® Mini


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The Racksack® is a reusable trash receptacle for industrial workplaces. It is hangs from an upright frame at the end of racking aisles and aids in waste segregation around a warehouse. It can also be used in any other industrial workplace. The Racksack Mini is a smaller version of the Rack Sack, perfect for spaces with less waste that needs to be collected or separated. Learn about 10 uses for the rack sack mini below.

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Easily separate different kinds of trash

Warehouses and workspaces create a lot of trash, and much of it is recyclable. However, to recycle waste, it must be separated accordingly. Signs and symbols can help inform workers where to put garbage, but it can be challenging to put signs on traditional rubber or plastic trash bins. And without signs, there is a higher likelihood of trash placed in the wrong containers. With the Rack Sack Mini, separating trash has never been easier.

The product is available in four standard text designs and three symbols, including a blank sack. These designs communicate to workers the type of waste it will collect, which can help minimize mix-ups and make recycling easier.

Rack Sack Mini design variations include:

  • Blank
  • General waste
  • Mixed card & paper
  • Plastic only
  • Mixed recycling
  • General waste symbol – no text
  • Plastic only symbol – no text
  • Mixed card & paper symbol – no text

Create drop-off points in a facility

Trash can quickly pile up in the workspace, especially when small trash bins are used and few bins are found around the facility. Several trash drop-off points around the workplace make people more likely to dispose of waste properly. It also means that receptacles will not fill up as quickly.

The Rack Sack Mini is tough, lightweight, easy to install, and cost-effective. A small, low quality trash bin typically costs around $20. The Rack Sack Mini is made from waterproof polyester, designed to withstand the rigors of an industrial environment for the low price of $49.95. This means multiple, high-quality receptacles can be purchased without breaking the bank.

Keep spaces organized

Having a cluttered workspace can add unnecessary stress to one’s job. But without proper trash disposal, waste and debris will start piling up. The Rack Sack Mini can help keep spaces organized and stop messes before they happen. It also keeps the floor free of debris, minimizing tripping hazards and obstructing warehouse equipment operators. The different variations also make it easy to keep trash organized so it can be disposed of properly and efficiently.

Save floor space

In a warehouse, every inch of floor space costs money. Therefore, it is crucial to use space efficiently and effectively to maximize productivity. Traditional trash bins, even small ones, take up floor space, and it is essential to determine if the value of the bin outweighs the cost of the space it uses. With the Rack Sack Mini, floor space is not a concern since it is a hanging trash receptacle that can be easily installed almost anywhere.  

Contain sharp or dangerous trash

The Rack Sack Mini is made from reinforced, double-stitched woven polyester that is built to withstand many industrial practices. This means that sharp or dangerous garbage, like glass, can be disposed of safely, without concern of the receptacle breaking or tearing.

A place for wet or soiled waste

Traditional trash bins are typically equipped with bags that must be changed when full. These bags are prone to ripping and tearing, especially if carried far distances. When garbage bags break, the contents can leak on the floor, creating an additional mess and potential tripping hazard that must be cleaned up.  

The reinforced polyester makes the Rack Sack Mini tough and waterproof so that it can hold wet or soiled garbage without fear of leakage. This also means it makes for easy clean-up since it can be hosed down after emptying.

Collect organic waste

The Rack Sack Mini’s reinforced and easy-to-clean material makes it ideal for usage outside to collect organic waste, such as soil, plants, or similar materials.  

Ideal for warehouse workbenches and workstations

The Rack Sack Mini is an ideal option for smaller workspaces. The original Rack Sack dimensions are 39 inches high and 36 inches wide, leaving a capacity of about 160 liters. This makes it an excellent option for larger facilities that create lots of trash (e.g., distribution centers). However, this size will likely be too large for smaller workspaces. The Rack Sack Mini is 35.4 inches high by 24.4 inches wide. The small size and capacity are perfect for shelving, workbenches, conveyors, smaller racking areas, and more.

Works well outside of the warehouse

Although the Rack Sack Mini is designed with industrial spaces in mind, it is not well-suited for various workplaces. The compact size and easy installation make it ideal for use at home, in offices, at school, on delivery trucks, etc.

Rack Sack Mini is easy to install

The Rack Sack Mini is fastened with two flexible “S” hooks. and can be hung or hooked onto almost any hookable surface, from a racking upright to desks or shelves. Bungee loops or wall-mounted hooks are also available and additional “S” hooks can be purchased if necessary. 

Where to buy a rack sack mini

You can buy the rack sack mini at the online store at WarehouseIQ.com.

What about the full sized rack sack?

Learn more and purchase the full sized Racksack here.


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