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Guide to Document Display in the Warehouse and Industrial Facilities

Document display

Workplace documents and signage shows important information to help employees to do their jobs safely and efficiently. Therefore, visibility is crucial to the success of signage. Document display products are a good way to improve visibility and ensure information stands out to workers. Learn about document display products and how they can be used in the warehouse below. 


What are document display products?

Document display products are designed to emphasize necessary documentation or signage in the workplace. This is often achieved using colorful pockets or frames that hold paperwork, signage, labels, etc. 

How can document display products be used in the warehouse? 

The purpose of document display products is to make important information stand out to employees. This ensures workers can do their job adequately, which is essential for an organized, productive, and safe work environment. 

One of the ways document display products help make information stand out is by using colorful pockets and frames. For example, placing hand-washing instructions in a blue frame will attract more attention than simply taping the paper to the wall, especially if the wall is lighter (e.g., white). 

The colors used can also relay information about the messaging. For example, red is often associated with fire safety instructions and equipment. Therefore, having fire exit protocols in a red frame can make it easier for workers to find this information in an emergency. 

Another benefit of document display products is that they can add an extra layer of protection to the elements. For example, if a paper label gets wet from the rain or a spill, the writing can become smudged and more susceptible to tears or rips. Having the label in a plastic pocket can shield it from the elements and other workplace activities (e.g., water splashing instructions in an eye-washing station). 

These products can also help incorporate lean management practices in the warehouse. 

Document display and 5S methodology 

The 5S methodology is an organization method designed to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and optimize workflow in a work environment. 

The method consists of five steps: 

  • Sort. Involves removing clutter and neatly arranging equipment and materials, so they are easy to find. 
  • Set in Order. Involves arrangement of work materials in an optimal sequence for ease of use and efficiency. 
  • Shine. This relates to cleaning materials and equipment and removing waste to make the work environment as safe as possible.
  • Standardize. This involves standardizing the previous steps across all areas of the workplace. 
  • Sustain. Relates to discipline, ensuring consistent practice and training of the 5S system to maximize its benefits. 

Document display products and other warehouse signage can help enhance the 5S system. For example, in the Sort and Shine step, these products can help indicate where cleaning products and equipment are found, making it easier to tidy up the workplace. It can also show where merchandise should be stored, further removing clutter and improving organization. 

These products are beneficial in the Set in Order step. An excellent example of this is the Modulean® Shadow Boards. Shadow boards have slots or contours for tools and items to show where they should be placed on the board. This allows for easier arrangement of items in an optimal order. It also ensures items are in the appropriate places, helping with the previous 5S steps. (Learn more about Modulean Shadow Boards below). 

Creating a standardized visual or color-coded system (e.g., red frames only used for fire-related equipment and protocol) using document display products can also enhance workplace organization and productivity. 

Document display products 

Below is a series of various document display products that can help enhance the visibility of essential information and messaging in the warehouse. 

Industrial Strength Clear Pockets

Beaverswood offers a range of industrial-quality document pockets with welded edges, perfect for keeping documents neat and clean. 

The product is available in two fixings - magnetic and self-adhesive. The magnetic pockets have a magnetic strip on the top, making it ideal for easy relocation. In contrast, the self-adhesive pockets are equipped with strong adhesive tape along the top and bottom for durable and permanent fixing. Both options come in three standard paper sizes (letter, legal, and tabloid) and horizontal and vertical formats. 

Learn more in the Lean Inc. PDF warehouse catalog. 

Rainbow Pockets

Like the clear pockets, the Rainbow Pockets are industrial-strength pockets, available in two fixings (magnetic and self-adhesive), two formats (vertical and horizontal), and common paper sizes (letter, legal, and tabloid). They also come in 5 color options - red, black, blue, yellow, and green, which help to highlight important information. Therefore, Rainbow Boards can brighten up plain notice boards while protecting and highlighting important information. This makes them perfect additions to 5S management systems. They are supplied in packs of 10. 

Learn more in the Lean Inc. downloadable catalog.

Magnetic Wrap-around Pockets

These pockets are made from tough PVC plastic with an extra protective flap. In addition, they are equipped with a looped magnetic header designed to wrap around industrial roll cages of mesh containers.

Magnetic Wrap-around Pockets are available in vertical and horizontal formats and standard paper sizes (letter, legal, and tabloid). Learn more in the warehouse products catalog.

Hanging Pockets

Our premium hanging pockets are manufactured with tough plastic and feature a unique hooked header for protection and versatility. The header is designed to hang on the edge of industrial wooden cases or plastic crates. However, it is also suitable for trolleys, pallet converters, stillages, etc., with a hanging railing of up to 25 mm maximum thickness. Available in two sizes - letter horizontal and legal horizontal. Learn more.

Fully Adhesive Backed Pockets

Like the other pocket variations, the Fully Adhesive Back Pockets are durable, industrial-quality products that offer protection from the elements, dirt, and grime. These pockets have a strong adhesive that can easily be adhered to a smooth, sealed surface. This makes them ideal for plastic containers, metal stillages, recycling bins, etc. 

Available in horizontal and vertical formats and three paper sizes (letter, legal, and tabloid). Learn more in the PDF catalog.


Frames4Docs are a range of color-coded frames available in self-adhesive and magnetic variations. 

The self-adhesive frames have a permanent, aggressive adhesive designed to adhere to most sealed surfaces but can easily be removed and replaced when required. 

The magnetic frames are ideal for removal and relocation. The design allows for documents to be changed without moving the frame, but the frame can be lifted off easily and applied to almost any flat steel surface. The magnets also have a strong pull force offering security to important documentation and signage. 

Both frame variations are available in two formats (horizontal and vertical), three paper sizes (letter, legal, and tabloid), and five colors: 

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green

Full descriptions can be found in the downloadable catalog. Purchase here

Modulean® Shadow Boards 

Modulean Shadow Boards are designed to comply with the 5S Lean systems and can be used individually or together in the workplace. 

Modulean® has eliminated the expenses and time associated with purchasing custom shadow boards with their standardized designs. The boards are easy to store, transport and install. Available in several variations and colors, covering a full spectrum of 5S lean management systems. Most boards come in red, green, blue, or yellow versions.

The boards can also be accessorized with Modulean frames4docs®, Rainbow Pockets, and other Modulean accessories. Purchase Modulean Shadow Boards here

Modulean® Lite 

Modulean Lite Boards are smaller shadow boards that can be turned into a mobile system designed for easy movement and relocation around the workplace. The boards can also be screwed onto the wall for stationary use. 

The Lite boards (19.6" x W 19.6" / 500mm x 500mm) are available in the following variations: 

  • Dry Cleaning Board
  • Fire Safety Board 
  • First Aid Board 
  • Mask and Glove Dispenser 
  • Notice Board
  • Sanitizing Board 

The mobile framework can hold two Lite boards on each side (four in total), fixed with screws for a secure hold. The Racksack® trolley sack can also be attached on each side (two in total) to help separate waste on the go. 

The mobile stand and Modulean lite boards are sold separately. Customize Modulean Lite boards to suit various workplace needs. Learn more in the product catalog. Purchase Modulean Lite Shadow Boards here.

Modulean® Rack End Boards 

Mondulean Rack End Boards are designed for installation on end-of-aisle racking systems, helping keep high-traffic areas organized without sacrificing warehouse space. 

Rack End Boards come in two sizes: 79” x 35” (2000mm x 900mm) and 79” x 43” (2000mm x 1100mm), and seven designs: 

  • Sanitizing  
  • Cleaning
  • First aid 
  • Fire safety 
  • Rack Sack 
  • Rack assessment 
  • Whiteboard 

Each design is available in four colors: red, blue, green, or yellow. The boards are also equipped with a title frame, fixings, and weight load notice to help businesses comply with regulations.

Learn more about Modulean Rack End Boards in our downloadable product catalog and in this article. Purchase Modulean Rack End Boards here