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Affordable electric stacker
German made electric pallet stacker handle
Hour meter and battery state of charge display on an EOSlift electric stacker
Lift chain on the pallet stacker mast lifting mechanism
Adjustable base leg for electric stacker for straddling pallets - outriggers
Lift cylinder for the EOSlift electric stacker
3/4 view of the EOSlift electric straddle pallet stacker
Belly button switch for the EOSlift electric stacker
Mast and fork carriage on the EOSlift electric stacker
3/4 view of the chassis side of the blue EOSlift electric stacker

Fully Electric Pallet Stacker | T15J | 96-141 | 3300 lbs capacity

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This fully electric pallet stacker is reliable, has a smart design, is easy to use and requires low maintenance.

The pallet stacker is made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, using robots for precision weldments, assembled with commonly available German and US components, and designed by hundreds of engineers.

Reliable Electric Pallet Stacker

The stacker is incredibly reliable.  The major components used in its manufacture are sourced from Germany and the US.  The assembly takes place in China under the supervision of hundreds of engineers to ensure quality is built into every step.

Here are some of the features and benefits of EOSLift's quality manufacturing process:

  • This unit has a dampening system which increases its stability, reducing shaking and sway.
  • The narrow frame design creates a strong platform for structural integrity.  This means that the truck will provide years of reliable operation.
  • Using a thick metal protection plate, the unit is protected from impacts.
  • Forged forks are strong and resilient to heavy use.
  • The load wheels are designed for durability and longevity.
  • The major components are sourced from Germany, Japan and the USA to create a reliable, quality design that is easy to repair from commonly available parts.

Smart Design in an Electric Pallet Stacker

  • The staddle baselegs (out-riggers) are adjustable.  This means you can change the inside dimension of the baselegs for straddling different sized loads.
  • This walkie stacker has a belly button auto-reversing switch that reverses the truck when in contact with the operator.  In tight operating conditions, the operator can maneuver the stacker easily and with confidence.
  • The tiller (the arm that connects the handle to the drive unit) is an ideal length to allow for easy steering and correct operating distance of the operator and the drive unit.
  • The unit has variable speed that allows for precision control at low speeds.  The stacker has torque when torque is needed and speed when speed is needed.  This increases operator confidence and productivity.
  • The truck controller protects the truck by analyzing operation and adjusting operating parameters to keep the stacker operating a peak performance.

Comfort and Easy to Operate Pallet Straddle Stacker

  • The German handle is designed to offer ergonomic operation and reduced operator fatigue.
  • The stacker has a creep speed function that allows for slow operations speed in confined working environments.

Easy to Maintain Electric Stacker

  • The electric walkie stacker comes with a maintenance-free AC drive motor.  That means no springs, brushes or commutator to service or replace.  This increases maintenance intervals and reduces service repair costs, eliminating the need to replace wearable components.
  • The motor compartment's cover is easily removed for maintenance, which means the walk-behind stacker can be maintained hassle-free.
  • The walkie stacker comes with maintenance-free battery technology.  That means no time is require to service and water the on-board power pack.

High-Efficiency Stacker

  • This stacker is suitable for tight operating conditions including loading docks, supermarkets and factory production areas. 
  • This electric stacker pallet truck can stack and destack pallets, and it can raise pallets to ergonomic working heights to reduce stooping and bending.  That means fewer costly back injuries and repetitive straining.
  • The high quality AC drive systems means reduced noise and quiet operation.
  • The lifting mechanism is also low-noise, reducing noise induced fatigue.
  • The stacker will detect when the battery is in a low state of charge and lock out operation to protect components and the battery.
  • The drive system on the stacker has regenerative braking which means that power is put back into the battery every time the unit slows down or stopped using the electromagnetic braking system.
  • Because the electromagnetic braking system uses the electromagnetic fields in the motor, no wearable parts are used to stop the stacker.  That means nothing wearable needs to be serviced or replaced due to electromagnetic braking.
  • Shipping Info: Weight: 1739 lbs | Dimensions: 75 × 28 × 81 in 

Electric Stacker Factory WARRANTY

To download the EOSlift Factory Warranty click here.


  1. Ontario, California (main)
  2. Baltimore, MD (if available)
  3. Chicago, IL (if available)
  4. Houston, TX (if available)

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