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Bench in a box: everything you need is in the box!

Shipping Workbenches - Packing Station - Bench in a Box

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Shipping Workstation

Everything you need to get started shipping or mailing product - for your e-commerce or small packages business.

Looking to pack product into mailing pouches or small package delivery boxes, this shipping work station is ideal to get started or add to your fulfillment process.

Packing Station

Also called a packing station, the bench-in-a-box is a kit for companies looking to organize their shipping and packing processes.  There are different options available for the shipping workstations we offer.  Look below to see the various styles of shipping workbenches available to buy.

Shipping Workbench Options and Specifications Available

Model A Part # BIB1 Plastic Laminate Bench 
Includes : 

  • 60”L x 30”D x 30” to 36”H base bench.
  • Footrest, 6” drawer with lock
  • 12 Outlet power supply
  • Overhead Adjustable Light
  • 12” x 60” Laminate Shelf and Bin Holder.

Model B Part # BIB2: 
Same as Model A but with ESD Laminate

Model C Part # BIB3: 
Same as Model A but 72”L x 30"D with Plastic Laminate 

Model D Part # BIB4: 
Same as Model A but 72”L x 30”D with ESD Laminate