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Hand pallet jack with scale
What's the weight of this pallet?  This pallet jack with a scale will tell you.
Hand pallet truck with a scale to measure the weight of pallets in a warehouse
The digital scale on top of a manual hand pallet jack showing the weight in pounds and kilograms
Front view of a manual hand pallet truck
Close up of an electric pallet jack scale on a hand pallet truck
forged steel hand pallet jack pump pumping mechanism
Hard poly tires on a hand pallet jack - EOSlift
The integrated scale on a hand pallet truck showing the weight of a pallet on the forks
front view of the digital scale on a hand pallet jack - EOSlift
Close up of the underside of the forks on an EOSlift hand pallet truck with an electric scale
The covered reinforced forks on a manual pallet jack with an electric scale.

Hand Pallet Truck with built-in scale | E20V | 27" x 48" | 4400 lbs capacity

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The EOSlift Scale Pallet Truck E20V features a high-precision scale that weighs the pallet on the forks. Scale features zero, tare and calibrate functions. Back-lit auto off and time set. Easy to use functions keys. Optional printer is also available.  This is a great deal.  Buy now.

Pallet Truck Specifications

  • Fork overall width: 27" overall width to fit in a standard 40" wide pallet
  • Fork length: 48" to fit in a standard 48" long pallet
  • Raised fork height: 7.9"  This will lift a standard 4.5" pallet off the ground for transportation
  • Lowered height: 3". This will allow the forks to enter into the 3.5" high opening of standard grocery pallets 

Why Buy a Pallet Jack with a Scale?

The weighing system on this pallet truck is especially convenient for shipping and delivery. This manual pallet truck has an built in weight measuring system that displays weights of the pallets and product placed on top. The elegant combination of a pallet truck and a weighing scale does away with the need for a separate operation to weigh an pallets when shipping or receiving.  You an have a pallet jack scale near each door, eliminating the need for transporting the pallet to a weighing station. 

Therefore, the pallet jack with scale saves time and money.

Eoslift’s Scale Pallet Trucks are rugged, dependable, and ideal for accurate weighing of pallets.

The pallet truck’s scales have been designed for use in demanding areas such as shipping docks, warehouses, and piecework production lines.

High Performance - low price pallet jack with scale

  • Heavy-duty industrial grade products with entry-level cost
  • Improve efficiency and simplify warehouse shipping and receiving processes
  • Save time and space

Excellent Pallet Jack Design

  • The truck is designed with high-strength steel construction for durability
  • Durable powder coat finish

Energy Efficient Pallet Jack Scale Design

  • Powered by 2× 900mAh button cells
  • Battery life: 300 operating hours (backlight off)

Durable Pallet Truck

  • Dustproof and waterproof (Protection degree of gage outfit: IP53, Protection degree of sensor: IP67)
  • An iron cover added to the indicator to protect it from shock
  • Compact indicator saves space, economic for transportation

Convenient to Use Pallet Truck

  • The scale is easy-to-read with a back-lit displays
  • The indicator has four keys for easy operation
  • Overload protection

Outstanding Pallet Jack Scale Accuracy

  • Filter is used to compensate for vibration and improves the measurement accuracy
  • High accuracy, with maximum error: 0.05%


  1. Ontario, California (main) - purchase freight here
  2. Baltimore, MD (if available)
  3. Chicago, IL (if available)
  4. Houston, TX (if available)

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