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EZ Climber fork accessory
EZ Climber fork accessory
EZ Climber fork accessory in use
E-Z Climber fork accessory rotating trolley
EZ Climber fork accessory
EZ Climber fork accessory lifting box
EZ Climber fork accessory drawing

AEUP E-Z CLIMBER FORK ACCESSORY - Optional Attachment for the E-Z Climber - New

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Forklift Attachment for the AEUP E-Z Climber 

The E-Z Climber provides an innovative solution for moving heavy and bulky loads up and down stairs and over rough terrain. The E-Z Climber Fork Accessory enhances the E-Z Climber's capabilities by adding forklift functionality, making it easier and safer to move inventory and equipment. 

The convenient attachment enables the lifting of items using two forks mounted on a rotating trolley for easy alignment and positioning.

The E-Z Climber Fork Accessory is designed for use with the vertical model of the E-Z Climber (1300V), allowing the lifting or loading of vertically-positioned cargo. However, it can also realign cargo to the horizontal position if necessary. The attachment kit also adds stability, is easy to steer, and has a generous load capacity.

    AEUP E-Z Climber Fork Accessory Features: 

    • Load capacity: 771 lbs. (standard stabilizers) or 1,102 lbs. (extra large stabilizers)
    • Continuous 360° fork carriage rotation for easy positioning and transport 
    • Reinforced stabilizers to add security when loading 
    • Adjustable and lockable rotation and height 
    • Independent right/left tracks for the drive-steer system
    • Sliding carriage assembly to adjust fork height  
    • Fork length: 24″ 
    • Reclining steering bar 
    • Removable trolley
    • Unit weight: 220.5 lbs
    • Maximum loading height: 43″ 


    Industry-leading Manufacturer's Platinum 5-2-1 Warranty

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