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Wire Mesh Decks | Decking for Racking | Warehouse Storage
Wire mesh deck sitting on a load beam
Wire mesh decking on pallet racking
Wire mesh decks for pallet racking inside a large warehouse
Waterfall wire mesh deck holding pallets in a warehouse
Waterfall wire mesh decks in a freight handling warehouse
Wire Mesh Decks | Decking for Racking | Warehouse Storage
Wire Mesh Decks | Decking for Racking | Warehouse Storage

Wire Mesh Decks | Decking for Racking | Warehouse Storage

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What is Wire Mesh Deck and How is it Used?

Wire mesh decks are used to create a storage surface in pallet racking.  Usually, pallet racking consists of only beams and frames.  However, when a warehouse manager is looking for a surface to store irregular sized pallets or to place boxes directing on the decking for storage or to create a picking platform, wire mesh decks are used.

Do not see the size of wire mesh decks you need?

If you do not see the size you need, send us a message on our store chat app or email us at < store@warehouseiq.com > and inquire with us about the size and quantity that you need. We happy to help you with your Wire Mesh Rack Decking needs.

Are Wire Mesh Decks expensive?

They are not cheap.  They are usually around $20 to $32 each (new or used).  If you were to use simple pallet supports to help with keeping pallets from falling between the front and back beam, you would be looking at $15 to $20, so they tend to be more money than pallet supports.

What Size Wire Mesh Deck Do I Need?

Wire mesh decks come in all shapes and sizes.  You need to know the depth of your upright frame.  Often these are 42" deep to support a 48" deep pallet.

The 40" wide pallet usually sits on a 96" or 144" long beam.  Therefore, you will need you wire mesh decks to measure:

  • 42" deep x 46" wide - to use with a 96" or 144" beam
  • 42" deep x 52" wide - to use on a 108" beam

What are the Wire Mesh Deck Specs I Should Watch Out For?

  • Notice the grid pattern.  For example 2.5" x 4" grid of the wire.
  • Notice the gauge of the wire.  For example 6 gauge or 7 gauge.  The smaller the number for the gauge the thicker the wire.
  • Notice the capacity of the deck.  Lighter capacity decks will bend over time if your pallets are heavy.  Therefore you will need to replace them as an unbudgeted expense.
  • There are different types of decks. 
    • Flush decks that sit between the beams and create a flat surface
    • Waterfall decks overlap the beam by 1"

Do I Need to Install Wire Mesh Decks?

To install a wire mesh deck, you simply need to place the wire mesh deck on the beams.  

Some warehouse managers choose to tek screw the decks in place so that they are not disturbed by forklifts lifting or lowering pallets into place.