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Rack Repair Products and Service

damaged racking

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To Replace or Repair Pallet Rack

There are some good reasons to replace pallet racking after it has been damaged. Most businesses would attempt to replace the damaged racking rather that repair it. Some reasons to replace the racking versus repair the racking may include the following.

Replace Damaged Racking

  • You have surplus pallet rack beams and frames to replace the damage with
  • You need to reconfigure or move racking and therefore the racking must be disassembled any way
  • Your company is in a rush and a replacement upright frame is available in stock immediately
  • All anchor holes in the footplates of the upright frame have not been used, and there are unused holes open to received new anchors
  • You have already bought rack protection and do not need impact-resistant rack repair kits
  • Your current rack company does not specialize in rack repair, only rack replacement

But there are more reasons to repair racking. See below for reasons to repair racking rather than replace racking.

Reasons to Repair Damaged Pallet Racking Using an Engineered Repair Kit

  • Due to narrow aisles, or a congested warehouse, it is not practical to replace a tall upright frame
  • The frame has special backers that are nearly impossible to find used, and require a long lead time to manufacture new
  • Freight for the upright frame, plus its purchase price is far too expensive to justify its replacement
  • The operation is too busy to shut down to accommodate dismantling racking, its removal, and then the replacement of the frame with a new frame
  • In a warehouse prone to upright damage, it is important to replace the damaged racking with a more resilient-to-damage rack repair kit
  • The baseplate does not have any open holes to allow new drilling and anchoring
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