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Rack Armour Pallet-Rack Guards
 pallet rack protectors | Rack protection
Rack protected with Rack Armour post protectors
Rack Armour up close view of plastic post protectors using foam
Inexpensive rack protection - rack armour
Rack Armour - Pallet Rack Guards for Racking Protection
Pallet rack fitted with column guards - post protectors
Rack Armour - Pallet Rack Guards for Racking Protection
Rack Armour - Pallet Rack Guards for Racking Protection
Rack Armour - Pallet Rack Guards for Racking Protection
Rack Armour - Pallet Rack Guards for Racking Protection
Rack Armour - Pallet Rack Guards for Racking Protection

Rack Armour - Pallet Rack Guards for Racking Protection

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The Rack Armour upright rack protector is a proven defence against kinetic forklift strikes on warehouse racking that result in damage, weakening and potential rack failure.

  • USA "A" Guard (25) Units per Box
  • USA "B" Guard (20) Units per Box
  • USA "C" Guard (18) Units Per Box

Rack Armour rack protection has been rigorously tested to meet and exceed tough European Standards for warehouse pallet rack safety.

Rack Upright Column Guard

The testing procedures on the rack column guard include replicating a forklift truck weighing 2 tons travelling at 5.9 feet per second (4 mph), which simulates an impact to the racking with a force of 2.4 tons (21.6-kilonewtons).

Rack Protection that Works

Rack Armour’s outer shell is made from resilient, hard-wearing ballistic plastic designed to take high-velocity impacts. The shape of the shell was designed to repel and deflect impacts away from the upright, reducing damage significantly. Rack Armor's closed-cell foam interior acting as a cushion between the racking and the plastic shell. This custom-engineered foam diffuses impact energy and diverts kinetic energy away from the racking upright. Reduced damage saves you money and time due to racking upright replacements.

There are many benefits of using Rack Armour rack post protectors:

  • Rack Armor reduces racking damage by as much as 80 percent.
  • Leading pallet rack guard technology with ballistic plastic and foam core
  • The ‘persistence of shape’ ensures a long and effective lifetime service.
  • Quick and easy installation as no fasteners are required. It can be fitted by hand in seconds.
  • Fits all makes of pallet racking and is transferable.
  • High visibility color helps with warehouse safety.
  • Materials are non-toxic and fully recyclable.
  • Impervious to moisture, mold growth, corrosion, acid, alkaline and most solvents.
  • Can be used at temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 C).

Rack Armour Product Video


Rack Armor No Tools to Install 

Rack Armour can be installed without any tools



Rack Armor Sizes and Dimensions 

Three sizes to fit all racking styles.

  • Rack Armour USA - A Guard: 1 5/8 inches x 3 inches (41 mm x 76mm)
  • * Rack Armour USA - B Guard: 3 inches x 3 inches (76mm x 76mm)
  • Rack Armour USA - C Guard: 3 inches x 4 inches  (76mm x101 mm)

    All Rack Armour USA Guard types are 24 inches (609 mm) long.

* B Guard is a bestseller in the USA and Canada.

Rack Armour Installation Tool

Ordering a large quantity? Get the Rack Armour Installation Tool arms or hooks to assist with the installation of large quantities of Rack Armour.

    Rack Armour Upright Protection

    Rack Armour has been a global success for over a decade. Its innovative design and functionality has revolutionized racking protection and provides
    a proven 80% reduction in damage levels.

    • Made from ballistics grade plastic, it can deflect impact in most cases.
    • When a direct impact from a forklift occurs and cannot be deflected away from the rack by the outer shell, the interior foam absorbs the impact energy until it is diffused.
    • Its tight fit ensures that Rack Armour can’t be knocked off when brushed by pallet storage and retrieval by forklifts or other materials handling equipment (powered-industrial trucks - PIT).
    • Hi-visibility colour gives safe working boundaries for materials handling equipment (PIT) drivers.

    Most Popular and Best-Selling Plastic Rack Protector


    Rack Armour has been the world’s best-selling plastic protector for over 10 years.

    Made in America and Trusted by:

    • Bosch
    • Bose
    • Coca-cola
    • DHL
    • Ikea
    • Kraft Heinz
    • Lowe's
    • McDonald's
    • Nestle
    • Office Depot
    • Sierra Nevada
    • Toyota
    • Walmart

    Rack protection used by Bose

    Post protectors used by Coca-Cola

    Pallet rack upright protector used by DHL

    IKEA uses rack armour pallet rack impact protectors

    Racking upright post protector used by Kraft-Heinz

    Lowes uses these protectors for their warehouse racking

    McDonald's rack protection

    Lift trucks damage pallet racking but not at Nestle

    Office Depot protects their racking using WarehouseIQ.com and Rack Armour


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