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How to Make Use of your Rack-End Space in a Warehouse

Modulean Rack End Boards

Floor space is one of the most precious assets in a warehouse. It must be used effectively to minimize costs and maximize productivity. Products like the Modulean Rack End Boards allow businesses to use otherwise untapped warehouse space. Learn about Modulean Rack End Boards and other warehouse space-saving products below. 

Modulean® Rack End Boards

Modulean Rack End Boards are a set of custom shadow boards for the end of racking systems. Shadow boards are visual tools used to stock items. It has slots or contours for tools and items to show where they should be placed on the board. This helps with organization and ensures items are in the appropriate places. 

The Rack End Boards are designed for warehouse practices and to fit end-of-aisle racking systems. This makes it easier to keep these high-traffic areas organized without sacrificing warehouse space. 

Rack End Boards come in two sizes. The standard is 2000mm high x 900 mm wide (79 inches high x 35 inches wide) and 2000mm high x 1100mm wide (79 inches high x 43 inches wide), making it suitable for different pallet racking types. The boards are available in seven designs: 

  • Sanitizing  
  • Cleaning
  • First aid 
  • Fire safety 
  • Rack Sack 
  • Rack assessment 
  • Whiteboard 

Each design is available in four color options – red, blue, green, or yellow; and equipped with a title frame, fixings, and weight load notice to help businesses comply with regulations. The boards can also be purchased with single or double aisle markers. 

Learn more about Modulean Rack End Boards here. Check out the other Modulean products:

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If you are interested in this product for your Canadian or U.S. company, contact Ted Gallardo at ted@leanmh.com.


The Rack Sack is a reusable trash receptacle for warehouse and industrial workplaces. Like the Rack End Boards, the Racks Sack is designed to save valuable warehouse space with installation on otherwise unused areas. 

rack sack

The Rack Sack is a 42-gallon / 191 L trash receptacle made from tough, waterproof polyester. It hangs from uprights frames using S hooks and has easy-to-read labeling designed to help simplify trash segregation. The signage options include: 

  • Blank, aluminum, wood & timber, building material, electrical, general waste, letterman symbol – no text, plastic only symbol – no text, and various other combinations. 

The Rack Sack is lightweight, easy to handle, and affordable, costing only $49.50. It is also available in a smaller version, perfect for desks and smaller workbenches. Check out the Rack Sack Mini here.


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Rack End Barriers

Rack End Barriers are designed to protect racking from vehicle collisions. Machine handling equipment, like forklifts, are used to load and unload items from racking systems. These machines are large and often operate in narrow spaces with decreased visibility. Therefore, collisions are common, and repeated impacts can damage the system's integrity. Rack-end barriers provide a layer of protection between warehouse machinery and racking.

Rack-end barriers are designed to minimize impact from machinery. They are made from a durable, flexible HDPE polymer with a foam diffuser. These are highly visible and designed to deflect under impact without getting damaged.

The Rack End Barriers are available in single or double barrier styles, with two size options – 1200mm (~47 inches) and 2400 mm (~95 inches). Each variety comes in three colors:

  • Colorfast yellow and grey
  • Hi-Vis, yellow and blue
  • Safety yellow and grey

Aisle and Floor Markers 

Markers are designed to highlight areas within a business. It allows workers or customers to locate a product or service quickly. This saves time and improves identification, which is essential in fast-paced work environments like warehouses. 

Aisle markers are used to identify aisles or bays in a warehouse, while floor markers highlight various areas in the facility and inform about important messaging. For example, check out the Half-Circle Floor Marker below. 

Half-Circle Floor Markers are large floor graphic markers for use on various surfaces. It is available in 12 text designs and eight non-text designs. They are made from anti-slip laminate and feature a strong, permanent adhesive to stop them from peeling and lifting. Design options include:

  • Authorized Personnel Only, Fire Escape Keep Clear, Quarantine Area, Do Not Block, CCTV In Operation, Watch Your Step, Forklift Area, Recycling Area, General Waste, Mixed Card & Paper, Plastic Only, Recycled Symbol, General waste Symbol, Mixed Paper & Card Symbol, Plastics Symbol, Fire Extinguisher Symbol, Fire Exit Symbol, Forklift Symbol, PPE Must Be Worn, PPE Symbol  

Weight Load Notices

Weight load notices are signage that identifies weight loadings, procedures, and maintenance of racking systems. These improve warehouse safety by ensuring all workers know how to handle, use, and maintain racking properly. Contact ted@leanmh.com for ordering information in the US and Canada.