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10 Ways Electric Order Pickers Can Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Electric order pickers have emerged as a pivotal tool for warehouses and distribution centers to improve productivity and optimize picking operations. This article explores ways electric order pickers help contribute to an efficient and productive workplace.

We also highlight the Absolute E-Z UP ISP-11 (industrial order picker) and look at how it can make work safe, faster, and more productive. (Learn more here: ISP-11). 

Here are 10 ways electric order pickers improve warehouse efficiency and order fulfillment:  

1. Increased Speed and Precision: 

Electric order pickers provide precise control over movement and lifting, allowing operators to navigate tight spaces and aisles easily. This minimizes the risk of collisions and reduces time spent maneuvering, resulting in faster order fulfillment and reduced operational delays.

2. Enhanced Worker Safety and Ergonomics: 

Electric order pickers are designed with safety and ergonomic features that reduce operator fatigue and discomfort. Adjustable material trays, intuitive controls, easy access platforms, etc., ensure operators can work comfortably for longer periods, improving productivity. It also reduces the chance of muscle strains or injuries by eliminating or minimizing manual lifting. 

3. Vertical Storage Optimization: 

Most warehouses use vertical storage systems to maximize space. Accessing these high shelves and racking can be challenging or dangerous with manual order picking. For example, bulky items can be difficult to carry down a ladder or step stool, leading to worker injuries or dropped and damaged merchandise. Electric order pickers enable operators to access higher shelves quickly and safely. This height advantage speeds up the picking process and increases overall storage capacity.

4. Increased Carrying Capacity: 

Manual order picking is generally limited by how much weight a worker or manual equipment can safely carry. Electric stock pickers typically offer a load capacity far exceeding what can be transported by manual options. This enables businesses to move more inventory and equipment in a shorter period. 

5. Reduced Emissions and Noise: 

Electric order pickers also enhance warehouse sustainability. Electric material handling equipment generates zero emissions, which reduces a facility's carbon footprint and contributes to a cleaner work environment. Electric motors also have significantly lower noise levels than fuel-based vehicles, creating a more pleasant work atmosphere for operators and neighboring work areas.

6. Adaptability and Customization: 

Electric order pickers can be easily customized to suit warehouse requirements. For example, in addition to order picking, these machines provide an efficient solution for stock replenishment, personnel transport, inventory management, etc. This eliminates the need for separate equipment for different tasks, optimizing operations, reducing floor clutter, and improving overall efficiency. The versatility also makes electric order pickers ideal for use in various industries and work settings.

7. Remote Monitoring and Maintenance: 

Most modern electric order pickers feature remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities. Maintenance teams can monitor the equipment's performance in real time, identify issues early on, and conduct remote troubleshooting, minimizing downtime and costly repairs.

8. Operator Training and Onboarding: 

Electric order pickers are designed with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, making them easier to learn and operate. This reduces the time required for operator training and enables new employees to become productive quickly, ensuring a consistent workflow.

9. Data-Driven Insights: 

Many electric order pickers are equipped or can be outfitted with telematics and data tracking technologies provide valuable insights into operator behavior, equipment usage, and inventory management. Analyzing this data enables warehouse managers to identify bottlenecks, optimize routes, and make informed decisions to enhance overall efficiency.

10. Reduced Costs: 

Electric order pickers typically require a significant initial investment. However, these machines provide long-term savings. Increased speed, precision, and enhanced storage optimization and transport capabilities improve order-picking efficiency. They also offer lower fuel and maintenance costs, combined with potential incentives for using eco-friendly equipment, which contributes to a more cost-effective solution over the lifespan of the equipment. 

Optimize Warehouse Efficiency With The ISP-11 

The ISP-11 is an electric stock picker by Absolute E-Z Up. It provides an ideal solution for safer and easier order picking at a price significantly lower than other products on the market.

The machine has a compact, lightweight, and durable design that makes it easy to maneuver through various work layouts and conditions. It features non-marking solid tires and an impact-resistant bumper/closed canopy to protect against shocks and damages caused by falling debris.


The ISP-11 provides optimal carrying and lifting capabilities, with a load capacity of 734 lbs. (or 1,174 lbs. when used with the Transport Dolly) and a maximum working height of 17.6 ft. It has dual petal and hand control, allowing workers to operate any drive, lifting, and lowering functions efficiently. However, it only activates when hands and feet are in sync and cannot be driven if feet hang over the edge. This ensures the operator is safe and secure while using the machine.

Other safety and performance capabilities include: 

  • LED travel lights and motion alarms on the front and back 
  • Easy platform access with low entry and exit step
  • Control panel - an automatic diagnostic control system that detects any malfunctions that may occur (displays vehicle status, system operating time, and battery status)
  • Gate Interlock 
  • Wheel Lock
  • Maintenance-free hydraulic mast (features no chains or wearable parts to inspect or maintain)
  • Fast and easy charging 
  • Long battery life (about 9+ hrs or 17 mi. (27.3 km) of operation)

The ISP-11's innovative features and design capabilities enable businesses to maximize efficiency while preserving safety, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Backed with an industry-leading manufacturer's warranty and designed to provide versatile and long-lasting performance. This makes it an ideal electric stock picker option for warehouses, airports, stores, distribution centers, and more. 

Learn more about the AEUP ISP-11 in the PDF brochure (Click here to download). Also, check out the product video, here.

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